i had the best weekend crafting with mackenzie and watching horror movie after horror movie
this time of year is the best, the zine is coming together so dang well, i booked a show for next month, im so excited! i am really really happy.
playing the drums really makes me feel good. like adrenalin rush to my heart good.
yay yay yay
i hope everyone else is also doing well 💕



It’s been over 3 months since everything with Pancakes fell apart. My life has drastically shifted since then. I’ve finally reached a point where I can listen to the album again without getting upset or bummed out. All of the dramatic bullshit aside, a lot of people put a lot of effort into this album and it fucking rules. 

Tyson Ballew at Tummy Rock Records ( tummyrockrecords )    is an angel and released it for us. If you’re into it, order a tape or a CD or download it. You won’t be disappointed and it will really help a DIY label in the PNW out!