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Question for you- What are a few of your favourite treats? What vegan candies or snacks do you just love? I'm super curious because I'm newly vegan and I want to know as many as I possibly can! Thank you, and I love your blog a little too much(:

oh my gosh this is so nice! this made my night (:
uhm i loveeee oreos and sour patch kids! but i am trying to go gluten free cause i think it will help me feel better and control my ed better (tmi sorry!) soooo my go-to treat lately has be Kirkland microwave popcorn(fake butter)! and banana ice cream!! frozen bananas + canned coconut milk + chocolate or peanut butter or something yaaa. easy as heck
thanks for sending this! it made me feel really happy. hope youre well! good job bein vegan! you are the best! 💕💕💕

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