this truly belongs on kernzhavinfun

kernz havin way too much fun

veinsandveins, joyeuxjour, pitypansy

*blood sisterz 4 lyfe*

hahaha (:

joecool asked:

what happened last night? haha

omg so yesterday i went floating with a bunch of qts but i was pretty sun drunk by the end of it. thennnnn doll house had a show and hot damn it was good. good bands good people by the end idk dancing and singing and smoking and drinking. i was fuuuuucked up. thennnn kernz tazed a couple boys which was fun to see then we did some blood sister shit. i have a big ol cut on my hand this morning. lol then i was in this deep ass conversation with my ex in the parking lot just about our past and shit and smash took off but like i was really worried cause everyone was really fucked so we drove to her house to see if she made it, couldnt find them. i got dropped off at home and as soon as i walked into my room the fire alarm went off which scared the shit out of me (i was also on mushrooms) i took the batteries out but it was still chirping at me and i was confused and scared and i legit thought my room was on fire or a ghost was fucking with me. i slept in my little brothers room with the lights on. THEN i woke up at 7am to a truck load of firemen banging on the door, all the alarms were going off and one of the neighbors called 911. we fucked around with batteries and shit for like an hour then i went back to sleep, they came back again cause they left a piece of equipment here.. now im watching movies and eating ramen. weird. fun weird wtf idk?